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Chrome on the Range - CD

Michael Hurwitz and The Aimless Drifters with Tracy Nelson and Gary McMahan (June 2010)

An album of 12 new original songs, with covers of an old Libba Cotton song and a Gary McMahan song.

A real Mullligan stew of American music styles: Western swing, Cajun, cowboy Ballads, folk, and honkytonk country. - Mike


Songs - Your Dancin' Shoes, He's a Rodeo, Love Song, Uncle Lucky, Roy Rogers in Japan, Out of the Fryin' Pan, Ed Trafton, Cowboys Gone Wild, Edith, Shake Sugaree, Real Live Buckeroo, Poor Cowboy, Home Town Reel, Minnie Sang the Blues.






Cowboy Fandango - CD

Michael Hurwitz and the Aimless Drifters with Juni Fisher, Pop Wagner, Nancy Thorwardson. (October 2007)

An album of original cowboy songs.

This record is for all the cowboys, living and gone, that I've had the good fortune , and sometimes misfortune, to ride with over the years. Don't let your spurs rust boys. - Mike


"Hurwitz is a superior writer with a sure eye for the foolish and tragic in the new-old west, Ian Tyson himself couldn't improve on this one"- Jerome Clark, Rambles .net 
" Hurwitz tells engaging tales populated by characters that are wacky and weird but completely believable" - Planet Jackson Hole


Songs - Badger Dance, Mustang Motel, Howard & Kerry, Ghost Ranch, Rambler's Dream, Spaceships O'r Wyoming, In From The Cold, Check The Gas, Old Green Truck, Garden Spot Pavillion, Little Blue Roan, Rusty Old Spurs, Tom Horn






Blue Coyote - CD

Michael Hurwitz and the Aimless Drifters. (July 2006)

Classic Southern Country Blues.

Some aimless Drifters hung out at my place in Alta for a few days in June and picked, strummed, sang, blew stomped, squeezed,smoked, drank, laughed and made this record of some our favorite old blues tunes from the 1920's to the 1950's. There's songs from both the black and the white blues tradition, and one of my own, all done Wyoming style. We call it "Prairie Blues". -Mike


"... the album is a delight from start to finish" --- Sing Out!

 "...Hurwitz's "Prairie Blues" comes across as natural as breathing" --- John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music


Songs - Prodigal Son, Morning Blues, Cannonball Blues, Dehlia, Can't Judge a Book By the Cover, California Blues, Frankie and Albert, Get your Business Straight, No Money Down, Honkytonk Blues, Payday, Milwaukee Blues, Candyman.






Bunkhouse Blues - CD

Michael Hurwitz, and the Aimless Drifters (Nov. 2002)

Mostly original blues, cowboy songs, country ballads and western swing, with covers of tunes by Merle Travis, Woody Guthrie, and Blind Willie McTell.

This record is for my son ,Joey Joaquin ,almost eight years old and wild as he can be, The songs are about hobos and trains, cowboys and horses, miners and tunnels, outlaws and "the law"... some of our favorite things to laugh talk and dream about... with a little blues and Texas Swing thrown in for good measure. - Mike


"Highly Recommended"-- Sing Out!
"One of the better real country releases of the year" -- Roots Town


Songs - Goin' Down t' Vicksburg, Little Stream of Whiskey, Lonesome Cajun Song, Old Broncbuster, Call Me, Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues, Pretty Boy Floyd, Mother of a Miner's Child, Little Bit Crazy, Dark as a Dungeon, When the Work's All Done.






Wyoming Mountain Home - CD

Alta School Cowboy Choir with Michael Hurwitz and the Aimless Drifters (April 2005)

Traditional, classic and original cowboy songs sung by a talented group of kids from a rural Wyoming school and produced by Michael Hurwitz. Made possible through a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

 The grade school kids, all 52 of 'em , many from fourth and fifth generation ranch families, go to the little Alta school, just a mile from the Idaho border, just like their parents and grandparents did. This album is theirs--an audio snapshot of a quickly disappearing way of life. Some of the songs are traditional cowboy songs over a hundred years old, others are newer, and some the kids and I wrote together. We all had a grand old time doin' this , I think you can hear it in the music. - Mike

" Just plain makes me feel good when I listen to it.. . this is one you definitely want to add to your collection" -- Tommy Tucker - Cowboy Troubadour


Songs - When The Catus Is In Bloom, Whoopi-ti-yi-yo, My Old Ranch, The Lights Of Cheyenne, Ridin' and Writin', Mama Don't Allow, Old Paint/Goodbye Old Paint, Ain't No Bugs On Me, Flop-Eared Mule, Wyoming Mountain Home, Old Chisholm Trail 


Prairie Blues



"Huriwtz's Prairie Blues come across as natural as breathing"

    - John Conquest -3rd Coast Music                                                      

 "Mike Hurwitz writes song like Larry Mahan rode broncs"

     - Dave Stamey


" a seemingly effortless delivery that goes down like a smooth, perfectly aged shot of fine scotch whiskey " 

         -Sing Out!


"Mike Hurwitz's voice and stories have been in the grain of the American West for a long time. Listen to his tunes and you'll be there too" 

   - Greg Keeler - Big Sky Journal


"Hurwitz's dusky baritone resonates with the sounds of mountains he's pondered, horses he's wrangled and land he's travelled. He's the real deal."

     - Meredith Oaks


"Michael Hurwitz grew up with a guitar in one hand and reins in the other. Along the road he's howled with coyotes and picked with the greats, and has become the best of both - wild and untamed."

    - American Cowboy Magazine